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The convergence of the East and the West in dance – Russian classical dance school and Chinese exotism and exquisiteness – that's what makes FLEXX BALLET. While modern, FLEXX also brings traditions that protected masters of dance for centuries to the stage, becoming a unique phenomenon, which is impossible to get used to. It ignites the most sincere admiration and moves you to see more and more of it. The show – vivid, provocative, almost defiant, unparalleled beauty of dance in the endless play of light – is at the same time a triumph of classics nostalgic of high art. Every appearance of FLEXX BALLET on stage is a mesmerizing spectacle astonishing with its absolute clarity and beauty. No, it was not by accident that this ballet earned international recognition!

Bringing the art of extraordinary dance combining two ancient cultures about the stage was only possible for a world-class international team. And the artists of FLEXX BALLET troupe are one. Best dancers, that producers hand-picked in China, Europe and of course Russia, fused their craft, ethnic features of various dance schools, personal temperaments and energy into one indivisible whole and created an integral performance having most powerful perceptual effect. Their performance is more of a sophisticated music-choreography-light show than just dance. They – amazing dancers that suddenly appear on stage out of thin air, instantly bewitching the audience with their skill, their spell lasting all the way until the end of the two-hour performance – are simply perfect. And that is why they are applauded on numerous stages in the vast expanses of nearly unbounded Russia, from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Urals and Caucasus, they enjoy standing ovations in China and are encored by European audiences. They are one living organism and at the same time they are a collection of bright individualities. Their dance is a coordinated show and at the same time an impeccably sequenced succession of solo acts, each one carrying a unique identity of nations of Asia, Europe and of course Russia.

The new show of FLEXX BALLET is called FANATICA and it will be presented at 20:00 hrs. on 16th December 2017 in the Festival and Congress Centre in Varna. You are welcome!

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