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Flag Varna Hostel


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Цена: от 0 до 50 лв

Тип: Хостел

Местоположение: район "Одесос"

ul.Bratya Shkorpil 13a


The Flag Hostel is the first and original Hostel.

We are recommended in the Lonely Planet & Rough Guides for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

We are a 100% fully licensed Hostel.
Beware of illegal ones

We are just 10 minutes walk from the Train Station and 5 min from the Cathedral.
The beach, bars, clubs and restaurants are also only 10 minutes walk away.

We are a friendly Hostel where everyone is encouraged to mix and have fun together.

забележителноститена Варна

Фонтан на пл. Независимост

Фонтан на пл. "Независимост"

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